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BPR Tool's Newsstand System puts your newsstand information system on autopilot.  A comprehensive newsstand reporting, analysis, and accounting system geared to meet the publisher's needs that features a standardized reporting interface in which all people in the organization can access the data from the staff level to the executive level.  BPR Tool's Newsstand System can be used by marketers, financial analysts, and circulation executives to reduce analysis time from days to minutes.  Blending the best of database and spreadsheet technology this system empowers the publisher to analyze large quantities of data with ease.  Featuring comparative, operating group, and exception reporting and new three-dimensional cube analysis that will put you at the forefront of analytical analysis.

BPR Tool's Newsstand System has been successfully installed in major publishing companies, a proven system that saves and makes money for the publisher.  Finally, all of your newsstand information in one place, easily retrieved via user friendly interfaces.  Featuring flexible hard copy report, pivot table analysis, user friendly interfaces, data mining systems, online help, online interactive, simple to use reporting interface, draw/sale reporting, RDA reporting, reporting by internal operational group authorization, competitive reporting, weekly sales forecasting based upon return flow, reforecasts, budget, actuals, wholesaler information, retailer information, and more .

Newsstand System screen shoots(double click image to enlarge):



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